Tuesday, 22 February 2011

1st Pump sorted

Picked up our first Beer fest pump today a wipe down and a bit of Brasso and its looking good also was given 4 auto tilt racks to put the casks on so just another 16 or so of those needed !!

Monday, 21 February 2011

The search for pumps has started

The search for Handpulls is off to a flying start and I have the first one courtesy of another Punch pub in the area  so that just leaves 8 to find so if anyone is reading this and they know of any anywhere then please let me know

Saturday, 19 February 2011

So far ......

Things are moving pretty fast at the moment with suppliers sending me massive lists of beers available to us - there must be over 250 !!!!! I have to choose about 20 of them so that should be fun .
The search is on for the additional 9 handpulls I need to fill the bar to give us a total of 12 and some scaffolding poles to make up some racks in the cellar - not panicking yet though as we have plenty of time I just need to beg steal and borrow to save cash for the Ales.
I have to say Punch Taverns support is very impressive and I think I will owe my BRM Kevin a few beers at the Festival.
Well thats all for now as I have to pack something for a night away ( time off is very precious).........bye for now.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

First Beer Fest meeting

Well I wasn't really planning to do a beer festival yet however my regional manager dropped a pack in so we thought why the hell not .
After looking at the vast space we have on the bar I had a quick calculation and reckon if we get rid of the fosters temporarily we can squeeze an additional 9....... yes 9 Handpulls on there to make a total of 12 with a bit of chopping and changing.
The Cellar
There is loads of room down there so space is not a massive issue as long as we have 2 high racks scaffolding poles should do the job nicely .I may have to make a big hole for the lines to go through it's good luck that  I have a hammer so this should not be a major problem.
The Beers
My initial thoughts are 20 different ones in total and maybe a Pin ( 4.5 Gall) of lumpy cider on the back bar.
This may change as I think about it.

Soooo here we go on the journey of my first Beer festival at The Fish