Friday, 10 June 2011

The Summary

Well now it has all settled down I think I should write what happened and how it all went.
The week before we had the fest we had a lot of work to do to get the pub up to scratch including painting the outside my lesson from this is start these things earlier.
If it wasn't for the kindness of Mick and Brenda who came round and gave us a massive hand we would not have been ready and my heartfelt thanks goes out to them.
Mick even recovered some of the seating so goodbye to the gaffa tape!!
Other than the decorating and stuff there of course was the beers.The small Beer Co supplied them and communication between us was brilliant.Andy Mumford rang as soon as he knew that a couple of our choices of beers were not available and had alternatives already worked out for us. T shirts were from the Pub Clothing Company and went like hot cakes at 2.50 a go
I left venting and tapping the beers until Thursday night to get the longest life from them as I was still unsure that I would sell them all and kept 4 unbroached thinking I could use these as my next 4 weeks of guests.
These were tapped on the Friday night as it was so busy I thought rightly that I would need them before Monday.
Fitting the Handpulls was easy as my cellar is directly beneath the bar.we had a couple of pumps that the beer was dropping back down the line so non return valves will be used next time.

The Festival itself
The Friday was as we expected quiet in the afternoon then 6pm came and a few came in to see what we had.
then more then more and we were underway - The 3rd pint glasses were the stars of the show and I could have done with another 36 at least. most folk started at one end of the bar and had the beers in order then settled on the favourite for the last couple of pints.
New customers and old came in and bar a few " you cant get a better pint than Trophy or Smiths " brigade they all had a go at the beers even hardened lager drinkers.
This went on all weekend - we had a piano player lined up as well as a folky sing around but we were too busy for them to be heard most of the time so it was just the odd song being belted out - Thanks to Jacqui for the Friday as well as Barry Archer who arranged for some friends to come and sing.
Sunday was Pirate day with staff and customers getting in the spirit with Fancy dress and Andrew did us a Pirate themed quiz Johnny and Peter provided some 60's tunes in the early evening and everyone had a good singalong.
By Monday a few beers had come and gone and as the day went on the gaps started to appear on the board

We had a couple left that we sold over the week and by friday all of the beers had gone.

Other than the Folk that I have mentioned in this ramble I would like to thank again

Kevin my BRM from Punch who even came and tried all the beers on his Bank Holiday weekend off !!

Ray and Dave from Cleveland CAMRA who could not have been more helpful and who also came and tried all the Beers.
Howard White who constantly bombarded cyber space with promotions for us even inviting the Pope Charlie Sheen and the Dali Lhama among others.
Caroline and her cupcakes

Hazel Katy Christine Caroline Dave and Alan who all got threw in the deep end working over the weekend and handled it brilliantly
Our customers old and new for providing the good company and creating the great atmosphere
There are loads more who know who they are.

And of course Mand without her support and tireless working before during and after the Fest would not have been the success it was.

Would I do it again ?............................................................................Roll on August Bank Holiday weekend 12 beers all good uns


Friday, 3 June 2011

All done for the next one

If you called in for a pint half or third you know how well the fest went - better than I could imagine each day was steady until about 6 ish then folk came in from all over the place.We had Camra  folk, music folk and even lager folk all coming to try the beers - The 1/3rd pints were the stars of the show meaning you could try them all and still only had 4 pints!
We put curry chilli and homemande soup on over the weekend and all were very well received (Thanks Dave).
I am finding this very hard to write as there are still so many things going round my head so I will probably come back and say more after the weekend ... we still have a couple of beers on that need drinking so I best start on that

Chin Chin