Friday, 29 April 2011


We have whittled down the list to about 40 beers so not much left to do before ordering, now the logistics of racking that many beers kicks in - Do I use scaffolding or wood as a temporary stillage  - decisions decisions.
The ales we have chosen are all of a nautical theme and I think we have a good balance of strengths and types I will post the list when we have the definite 20 well back to the decorating to get the place sorted for the hoards of folk who will be visiting the Fest

Toodle pip Peeps

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Under starters orders

Me and Mand have been having a high powered meeting to sort everything out and we seem to be making some headway - We have decided to theme the Festival and its going to be ..........................................................................................Nautical which seems very apt for a pub called the Fishermans Arms that is a stone throw from the sea.
Advertising should kick in about 2 weeks prior and we are designing the posters and flyers this week so if you need some to put in your works rest/break room or office then please let me know - the better this goes the more chance we will do more.
Anyway I had best go back to the beer list and narrow down the Ales


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cask Marque

Well just in time for the fest we have gained Cask Marque accreditation only the 6th pub in the town and the first on the Headland and with our 3 handpulls always on I think we can claim to be The Headland's premier Real Ale venue !!
Have started to think about the beer to put on again and it really is difficult - I have asked Cleveland Camra to suggest a couple and I think the rest will be shortlisted to about 50 then whittled down to the 20 from there.
Sunderland & South tynside have added the Fest to and Facebook  a big thank you to them for that.

Best get back to choosing beers then  Oh and by the way did I mention that  we have been Cask Marque accredited

toodle pip

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Handpull Heaven oo er missus

Well the problem of the Handpulls is now sorted as Cleveland CAMRA have come to the rescue and have some I can borrow ....phew that was a bit of a worry.
Now I have to troll through the beer list so I can have a good range that all will enjoy - not an easy task as Punch have given me hundereds to choose from and I am getting a steady stream of Breweries send me info about their beers and what point of sale I can have if I put them on.
I think I will just look through them nearer order day and see whats best having said that I think point of sale stuff should always be available no matter what amount of beer you have from them - ta ta for now and once again thanks to Cleveland CAMRA Guys and Gals