Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Beers are on the way !!!

Had a phone call from the carrier and the beer will be here first thing tomorrow so that gives loads of time to settle - am working on getting some pipework which is fairly crucial and its just a matter of getting it at a decent price as wont really be used after.
Pub is starting to look good with the paint still drying as have been painting all day still a bit to do though.
The weather has held up painting the outside so may have to bite the bullet and do it in the wind if its the same tomorrow.
Punch national quiz tonight so I had better open the envelope and give it a read I suppose.


Monday, 23 May 2011

The Pumps are HERE !!

Well what a day its been it started slowly then I got the call I had been waiting for "Steve come and get the Handpulls" :-)
So off I went to a secret location and picked up Handpulls , Sparklets ,Taps , Line ends and Trays with massive thanks to Cleveland Camra once again they could not have been more helpful.
So back to Hartlepool to find that I had missed a delivery - T shirts or Glasses ?
So off I went to the post office and picked up my 2 boxes The first was our 2 Pint carryout containers - I had forgotten about those - the next was heavy enough to be glasses and so it was.
However they were supposed to be 3rds unfortunately they were whiskey tumblers unmarked and no sign of the Beer Bats ( a little tray type thing to carry 3 x 3rds.)
So i contacted my BRM at Punch and as usual he was straight on to it .
After toing and froing The supplier is frantically trying to find some stamped glasses and send some more Bats ( he reckoned that they were all packed together and had been nicked ) .
Theeeeennnnnn My son came round to build the racks which is a quite important thing - they are now done so we have 3 that will take 5 each and 5 auto tilts.He also made about 30 wedges so the beer does not roll all over the place.


tomorrow is finishing reorganising the cellar and my normal delivery day as well as decorating the top end of the bar so that should be an interesting day

Once again thanks to a\lan (the rack man)  Camra and Kevin from Punch for the support they have given - Amazing
Nap time

Friday, 20 May 2011

One Week To Go

Well things are moving along
T Shirts Ordered
1/3rd pint Glasses on way with Bats
Flyers done and put out and about
Racking being done tomorrow
Beers on Way
handpulls are being picked up Monday
Entertainment being organised
Probably loads of other stuff to do just my brain is full at the min - might have to make a list !!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Wood for Racking is here

Have just taken delivery of the wood for the racking so that is being assembled/created for me next weekend ready for the beers being delivered on the Wednesday all to be dropped in the cellar by me as it is sent by carrier - All pump clips are supplied too so I don't have to chase any up.
Still need another couple of beers that I will get from the Punch list thinking about Adnams Lighthouse and possibly Broadside which is one of my favorites so I am indulging myself a little there !
Cleveland Camra have once again helped me out with taps so I don't have to buy them and then leave them on the shelf until the next Fest ( August if this one goes well but don't tell Mandy ) and once again many thanks to them.
T shirts have been ordered so we will have 50 for sale over the weekend and staff shirts are also ordered.
We have just got our logo so unfortunately we will not be having festival glasses this time as it is too late to order so will save those for August.

Bye for now chaps and chapesses

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The List is finished Wehey

We have finally finished our list of Ales and I think we have a fair range of style and Gravity (ABV to you young uns) as we have said we have stuck to the nautical theme now we are working n bits of entertainment to keep everybody amused while they sample the beers.
We are intending to have a bit of folk a bit of sea shanty a bit of piano and a bit of magic and also a bit of light rock if possible.
Now of in search of taps for the casks  and wood to make the racking