Tuesday, 15 February 2011

First Beer Fest meeting

Well I wasn't really planning to do a beer festival yet however my regional manager dropped a pack in so we thought why the hell not .
After looking at the vast space we have on the bar I had a quick calculation and reckon if we get rid of the fosters temporarily we can squeeze an additional 9....... yes 9 Handpulls on there to make a total of 12 with a bit of chopping and changing.
The Cellar
There is loads of room down there so space is not a massive issue as long as we have 2 high racks scaffolding poles should do the job nicely .I may have to make a big hole for the lines to go through it's good luck that  I have a hammer so this should not be a major problem.
The Beers
My initial thoughts are 20 different ones in total and maybe a Pin ( 4.5 Gall) of lumpy cider on the back bar.
This may change as I think about it.

Soooo here we go on the journey of my first Beer festival at The Fish